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Accounts Receivable Analysis
Examines collections policy and procedures, reviews insurance claims by age, payer, and physician, develops fee schedule, analyzes E & M coding.
Corporate Compliance
Detects and prevents potential violations related to medical practice fraud and abuse.   Provides initial risk assessment, compliance plan development and implementation.
Embezzlement Review
Determines whether adequate controls are in place to protect your practice from embezzlement.  Reviews accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll processing.
Employee Benefits Consulting
Reviews benefit structure for physicians and practice employees, including retirement and disability.
Managed Care Issues
Guides medical practices through managed care maze -- health plan operating issues, utilization management, and negotiating strategies.
Medical Billing Services/Systems
Manages billing process for physicians, including processing claims and collections.
Medical Records/Coding Review
Examines documentation for evaluation and management coding, including proper use of CPT codes, analysis of lost charges, and compliance with regulatory standards.
Mergers, Acquisitions, and Integration
Steers Physician through process of merging medical practices, from market analysis and identifying potential partner to new compensation packages and staffing issues.
Monthly Practice Monitoring
Systematically reviews key areas of a medical practice throughout the year.   Various services provided, ranging from medical records review to managed care consulting.
Physician Compensation Planning
Develops fair and equitable compensation formula for medical practice.  Considers various ways to divide income, including fixed salary, production based with evenly divided overhead, and base salary with bonus.
Practice Assessments
Comprehensive assessment of medical practice, including accounts receivable and payer mix analysis, financial analysis, and systems and operations overview.
Practice Management
Assesses strengths and weakness of current management structure within a medical practice; provide interim support services.
Practice Valuations
Determines fair market value of a medical practice.  Valuations are performed for mergers and acquisitions, various tax purposes, divorces, buy/sell agreements, and estate values.
Revenue and Profitability Analysis
Analyzes critical financial aspects of a medical practice and implements solutions.   Helps practice control rejected and delayed claims, identifies break-even fees for each CPT code.
Strategic Planning
Identifies internal and external issues affecting the operation and financial future of a medical practice.  Develops strategic plan of action to address these issues and promote a competitive advantage.

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